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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
You know, it's thanks to all this praise from people like you that I saw Humanoids a few months ago.

And do you know what? It was awful. The only thing anyone might have wanted to see the film for was tits. I would have given it some credit for acting if the story had been any good. Or cinematography, since it didn't look bad, but the wretched characters and stupid monsters kept getting in the way of the gorgeous locations. The thing itself might have been a rip-off of Piranha if it weren't for the impregnation shitplot (I mean subplot). I really don't see how they fucked it up so bad after Joe Dante showed them how to do intelligent socio-political horror filmmaking correctly. Except that: who's idea was it to incorporate a parable about racial insensitivity into a movie about fucking RAPE in the first place? Let alone one as one-dimensional, manipulative, and insulting as this one. If the movie weren't aggressively offensive to anyone who isn't white, it would still be offensive to every woman on the planet. And that's saying something since one of the directors was a woman. I have a feeling she was the one who wanted the movie to be about the discrimination plot and the man was the one who filmed all the tits. Wow, how impressive: women used as an upper for a fucking puppet and as cheap props for monsters to play around with like Looney Tunes' Abominable Snowman manhandling Daffy Duck. What a wide world of equal opportunity this film envisioned. Of course, let's take the director at her own word: "Please God, don’t let me die and have this be my epitaph."
You are aware of the term 'exploitation film', a term which has been applied to Corman's catalog extensively. It's also called Humanoids From The Deep and the poster art is hardly misleading-were you expecting Fried Green Tomatoes or Driving Miss Daisy? The shit you criticize so vehemently in this post is exactly what most fans of late seventies and eighties horror look for. Aspects the genre has become known for: Silly effects, laughable subplots, excessive T&A, subpar acting, violence, and a degree of unfortunate misogny which is intrinsic to North American society not just horror films. I suppose the woman getting a blade in her vagina in The Mutilator was not misogynistic at all? How about the twenty minute rape scene in I Spit On Your Grave which borders on rape porn not unlike Forced Entry? The woman getting hung up like a piece of meat in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
'What a wide world of equal opportunity this film envisioned. Of course, let's take the director at her own word'-You were expecting a film with Humanoids in the title to become some sort of beacon for the feminist movement? Is that it?
Really criticizing an exploitation film for being exploitative is akin to criticizing gangsta rap for promoting criminal ideology-moot point-either you can live with it or not, if not don't watch or listen.
You didn't like it, it seems like tons of people on this board did, refer to the recent poll for more evidence. You can always stick to homogenized shit like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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