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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
So long as you're judging me based on what it "sounds" like I think; good call... Let me tell you what you sound like- a guy who defends a bad movie because it can never be PC. Kinda dumb.\
I wasn't making the argument that Humanoids From The Deep is a great film because it flies in the face of political correctness. I was merely pointing out the absurdity of applying highbrow moral standards to pure exploitation films.

It's incongruous for people with apparently delicate sensibilities to spend a significant amount of time posting at horror film websites--unless that sensitivity is posturing to support a position of perceived moral and intellectual superiority. You're obviously upset about the implications I made about you. But you had no problem with suggesting that anyone who likes Humanoids From The Deep is a misogynistic dunce. Isn't that "kinda (sic) dumb" too?

Secure people understand that liking dumb films doesn't make them dumb. It's telling that you can't even voice support for an undeniable genre classic like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre without trying to put a pseudo intellectual spin on it. Do you really believe TTCM is regarded as a all-time great because it makes salient points about "people being treated like meat?" That's exactly the kind of pomposity that led me to mock your post about Humanoids.
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