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Jang Chul-soo's BEDEVILLED (2010) coming from Well Go

Didn't get enough Korean revenge with OLDBOY, I SAW THE DEVIL, THE YELLOW SEA and THE CHASER? Then you're in luck, because Well Go is releasing Jang Chul-soo's BEDEVILLED (2010)! High maintenance office gal Hae-won is visiting her childhood playmate Bok-nam on the secluded island she once called home. She soon finds the general populace a despicable bunch who routinely humiliate, beat and otherwise abuse her friend, until Bok-nam is finally pushed to the breaking point, unleashing a sickle-wielding slaughterthon that paints the beach red. Pretty much universally acclaimed, I haven't seen BEDEVILLED yet, but what I've heard makes me pretty excited to check it out.



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