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Originally Posted by SpaceAce View Post
I am debating on blind buying this. I enjoyed the 80's feel/cheese factor of Humanoids from the deep and Piranha, does this kind of go along those lines as far as the feel of the movie? I blind bought Humongous and thought it would be along those lines and I really didn't like that movie and sold it, so I wanted to get some opinions as far as something the Boogens might compare to. Thanks for the help.
You blind bought Humongous and you didnīt like it, despite the fact that many people here like the movie, so in this case it may well be the same, many people will say itīs good, even though, in the end, you still may not like it... movies are like this, some will like it and some will not.

I think the best is for you to download an online vhs rip of it, watch it, and judge it for yourself.
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