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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
All I came here to do was voice a dissenting opinion on a movie. I like to see different opinions actually get out there and no one else had anything negative to say about the movie. 3 people have gotten that and replied challenging my view but without claiming I insulted them. You got bored and decided you wanted a little row.
You're 100% entitled to your own opinions. I would never dispute that--or discourage you from having them or expressing them. But the tone of your original post was confrontational. Are you really claiming that you didn't suggest or insinuate that there was something shameful and unevolved about liking Humanoids? If you truly feel your post was respectful and non-judgmental about people who like that film, I'd say you're in denial.

I take full responsibility for my confrontational tone. It was a direct response to your chosen manner of communication. That said, I obviously didn't accomplish anything productive. So in future I'll let others defend the right to enjoy the most lowbrow, un-PC films.
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