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The Boogens - what a flick. Very fun, straight forward creature feature. The best thing is that there are movies you rent that are nothing like the ads. The Boogens delivers. I remember when this was first released (you'd better believe I have the full page ad from the L.A. Times!) and my school mate was trying to describe the monsters to me (she had seen this with her family the previous Friday opening). I didn't see the flick until 1983 and, although I never found it scary, it's one of the few (from the era which was mostly slasher flicks) that actually seemed like a 1950's monster movie crossed with a slasher flick and was just fun.
I bought the paperback book in 1982 and I must admit, that story is so much better. How cool would the film had been if it had the budget to do a production design of the mine shafts, ect as they are so nicely described in the book!
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