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Righto, this is what's coming in the next couple of weeks:

  • Fulci's Massacre Time (aka. The Brute and the Beast) already ordered.

  • Sabata - Parolini (well, people on the net say it's great. Hope so. Bought all three of 'em )
  • Adios Sabata - Parolini
  • Return of Sabata - Parolini
  • Das Syndikat - Stefano Vanzina (apparently this one's a great crime thriller. Great cast anyway. I think I'm in for a big treat!)
  • Die Gewalt bin ich - Umberto Lenzi (this is The Cynic, The Rat & The Fist. Never seen it, but apparently it's one Lenzi's better ones. Only legit release with English option.)
  • Sweet Body of Deborah - Romolo Guerrieri (one of those DVDs I still needed to pick up. It's been quite some time since I picked up a Giallo)
  • The Smuggler - Lucio Fulci (I didn't like it years ago. This Swedish DVD is cheap and the best version around. Will give it a second shot)
  • King Crimson Live in Argentina

  • Alamaailman Vasarat - Kaarmelautakunta
  • Alamaailman Vasarat - Vasaraasia
  • Beardfish - The Void
  • David Sylvian / Robert Fripp - The First Day

And I will add "Plot of Fear" (sold the old release) and "The Night of the Devils" when RARO has another cool offer.

And I might not yet be finished...
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