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Originally Posted by Shlockjock81 View Post
This may sound petty, but I refuse to buy any Warner Bros. DVDs or Blu Rays until they finally give up Ken Russell's "The Devils" to a more competent company.

These bare bones releases of the Elm Street films are just another nail in their coffin. Fuck 'em.
I don't think it's petty. I love it when people have a grudge against companies. I would never buy a Toyota or a Ford because their commercials are so horrid that they drive me into a blinding rage. Also, despite being a former season ticket holder, I'll never ever watch an NFL game again since awarding a dog killer with the "Comeback Player of the Year" award. Actually, the NFL is now full of criminals that I don't care to spend my time watching. Getting back on topic though, I actually think Warner has been one of the better companies when it comes to blu-rays. I've been down on Paramount and Universal for years, but I'm not at the boycott stage yet. Did you try expressing your displeasure with Warner Bros Shlockjock81?
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