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Robert Hammer's DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (1980) from Scorpion 10/16

Scorpion Releasing finally give Robert Hammer's DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (1980) its much-needed reissue! Character actor Nicholas Worth delivers a knock-down, drag-out performance as 'Nam vet turned fashion photographer Kirk Smith, a man compelled to squeeze the life from beauty due to some major daddy issues. Along the way he becomes fixated on radio shrink Lindsay Gale, who soon graduates to Target #1. Can the police close in before the inevitable takes place?

A mean and gritty psycho outing inspired by a real-life West Coast strangling spree happening concurrently with production, the film usually gets lumped in with the standard slasher genre, but is much more akin to sleazy serial killer efforts like MANIAC and HENRY. Worth's total domination of his role really buoys this one; his sweaty, chest-pounding monologue scenes are alone worth the price of admission.

Scorpion's re-release promises a new HD transfer from the original negative; when we were working on the BCI Eclipse disc with Cliff MacMillan, the only uncut element Crown could turn up was a 35mm release print. The disc will also port over the interview featurette me and Nathaniel Thompson did with Nicholas Worth (his last before his death) and the commentary track with director Robert Hammer (moderated by Shane M. Dallmann), and the company has also secured a brand new audio interview with actor James Westmoreland. Should be a nice disc of a sicko classic.



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