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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
88 Films have released Castle Freak on DVD in the UK, and will also release it on Blu-ray in October.

The UK DVD literally blows away the old R1 DVD, which looks like a VHS tape in comparison.

The UK DVD is 16x9 widescreen and looks to be sourced from the original negative prints, and is also fully uncut. It includes the videozone, the Castle Freak trailer (also 16x9 and from a film source), and 10 other FM trailers. It also has reversible artwork.

Comparison review here.

The forthcoming Blu-ray should look fantastic...
I hope that blu is region free, there is no comparison on those dvd screens! Is the US dvd cut or not? I've read things saying both and although movie-censorship says the dvd is uncut, it still feels like it is trimmed in spots.

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