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A little info on how Vinegar Syndrome releases will operate via their Facebook:

Originally Posted by Vinegar Syndrome
Just to give everyone a bit of an inside scoop as to how VS will work, we're planning on creating two separate lines of releases. The first will be DVD/Blu combo packs, such as the upcoming H.G.L. collection. These releases will feature fully restored films in single, double or triple features, as well as extras (in some cases extras will be bonus related feature films sourced from sub-par elements). Titles receiving full DVD/Blu releases will be sourced almost exclusively from negatives and mint answer prints. The emphasis with these releases is to offer the highest quality restorations we can using the best available film materials.

We will also be introducing a DRIVE-IN line, which will consist entirely of themed double and triple features sourced primarily from theatrical release prints. These releases will be priced considerably lower than than the 'official' DVD/Blu combo packs and will be available on DVD. We will also be offering digital downloads of all DRIVE-IN titles via our website in 720p.

The reason for the two separate lines is simple: we have 35mm film elements for dozens and dozens of really cool and rare movies, but many are simply not up to what we feel are proper condition for a restored Blu-Ray release, so rather than not releasing them at all, we've decided that it's far more sensible to transfer them in 2K, perform some basic restoration work, and offer them as DVD double or triple features so that they're at least out there for people to see.

Attached to this update is a still from DRIVE-IN #1 release: Ken Friedman's DEATH BY INVITATION (1971) + Paul Kener's SAVAGE WATER (1979). Additional stills coming shortly in an 'album' post.
And their second Blu-ray/DVD combo looks like it will be Massage Parlor Murders (1972).

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