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Originally Posted by KGBRadioMoskow View Post
I should have recognized the meta plot, rather kicking myself in the arse for not doing so. But the deconstruction on the net states that the "reason" is...

The "evil gods" are the horror movie audience. The organization (in an obvious nod are run by "directors") is just a metaphor for the movie studios - with each location being references to the regional flavors of horror film "genres". In order to keep the "evil gods" - the audience - slumberingly content, they are expected to produce entertainment that follows a predictable set of character and plot points, with the means of the characters' demise just being an unimportant and interchangeable ingredient in the soup. Fail to follow the cliches, try to shake the formula up instead of catering to the lowest denominator, and the "evil gods" will rise up and take their wrath out on the "world" - the movie industry world.
I completely missed this interpretation too, and now that I read it, I like the movie even more (just saw it for the first time last night). It's sort of like Scream, except that it critiques the audience for EXPECTING cliches, whereas Scream critiques the audience for not being able to recognize cliches. Cabin in the Woods is far less insulting in that aspect, and the critique is even justified (unlike Scream, which seemed to point out the obvious absurdities in horror that I and most horror fans have been well aware of for many years; it's a very condescending film).

And if nothing else, Kristen Connolly looks damn cute in her undies.
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