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What a pitiful month for new horror films...

Hotel Transylvania - No interest whatsoever. Plus it's got Adam Sandler so avoid like the plague.
Frankenweenie - One of two I'm probably going to actually see. Looks like classic Tim Burton, plus being a fan of the original Frankenweeni this is a no brainer. However, I may have to wait as I refuse to see anything in 3D...
V/H/S - Already seen it, and it sucked. The only worthwhile story was the last one, and really it was only interesting visually. What a wasted premise and shoddy anthology film...
Sinister - Really doesn't look good. Looks like every other horror film of the past decade. But I will probably see it on cheap Tuesday or something, and then will weigh in.
Paranormal Activity 4 - Another needless sequel to a first film that was overrated. But since I've seen the other 3, like will see this one as well, but same deal as Sinister - on cheap Tuesday.
Silent Hill: Revelations - I'm a huge fan of the games, loved the first movie, so yes, I am excited for this one. However, just like Frankenweenie I'll probably have to wait until it's not showing in 3D...
Texas Chainsaw 3D - Since it's not on schedule, and in 3D, it'll be a long wait, but I'll go see it in 2D with low expectations.
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