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I'm going to see Hotel Transylvania tonight. The trailers don't interest me; it looks like generic goofy kiddie crap with nothing of interest to older fans (unlike the cool Paranorman and presumably Frankenweenie). But it will be free for me, so I'll give it a chance.

Silent Hill sucked, and I'm not a gamer, so I have no interest in Part 2. What took so long anyways? They seem to pump out a new Resident Evil every year.

I will definitely see Frankenweenie. I don't know what Sinister is (I've probably seen a trailer and forgotten it already; not a good sign). Is V/H/S actually playing theaters? The trailer looked interesting. I think it's on Vudu, but if I pay for a digital rental this month, it'll probably be [REC] 3.

So, I voted for Paranormal Activity 4. I enjoyed all the previous ones, and these are an absolute blast to see in a theater on opening weekend surrounded by screaming teenyboppers. Let the Activity begin!
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