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Originally Posted by vampyr789 View Post
based on reviews and audience reactions on IMDb, people are saying it's one of the scariest movies in a while
I'm pretty excited to see this
I saw it last week.

I think the soundtrack rocks.

Ethan Hawk always gives a interesting performance.

I was actually quite disturbed by this film, it was the nature of the killings and I won't say more.

I think this did scare me, I watched it without my usual weekend film buffs. The atmosphere is quite enveloping.

I think it's the best horror film this decade so far.

Either way it's entertaining and never ever lets up all the way through.

I think it beats out Insidious, they are both good, but I think Sinster draws you in very early to the atmosphere.

Generally soundtracks aid a film or are there just to be there, this one elevates and feels organic to the story, and it is quite pumping too. I think this film is a very good thriller in it;s own right for the first time.

I'm very impressed.
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