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Originally Posted by buck135 View Post
Whoa. The 3D version of my UK disc works fine, but I haven't tried the 2D version yet. Very curious to see if this is another Star Trek S1/ Twilight Zone S1 pressing issue or a firmware issue. Universal doesn't need this headache, especially with the delay of the Hitchcock collection.
Creature 2D plays fine in my Oppo BDP-83. No strangeness in the 58:00-1:00:00 interval or anywhere else. This could be a player-related situation for some like The Hammer Horror Series DVDs.

As far as the transfer goes it's a really mixed bag. Pieces of the same shots are vastly different in quality (a razor sharp shot's continuation will be blurry as if it's from a much lesser source). It can't be related to the camera technology since it literally happens within the same shots. I've never seen anything exactly like it before.

The new (to home video) widescreen framing is definitely a huge plus. It looks like a much more modern movie now. And as far as that reviewer's comments about the Creature suit looking fake, I don't buy that at all. More detail is present than ever before. And the suit really looks astoundingly good from all angles. These Blu-ray presentations really make it easy to appreciate the artistry that made these films enduring classics.
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