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I felt this was one of the best horror films to come out in years. It's NOT a film that panders to the ADHD generation but instead slowly builds up not unlike "The Shining." The film however, had a few scenes you know were thrown in by studio executives (I'll talk about this under the spoilers warning).


No, we don't need to see the dead kids running around in the Hallway, the photograph showing the hands on the main character was enough. Implication would have been better.

No, we didn't need to see Baghoul in the end, the child should have simply disappeared.

The final scare was stupid.

Instead of the reveal with the daughter and the poisoning of Hawke, we should have seen Hawke watching the extended cuts of the films. After he notices the poison in his coffee, it should have cut to video footage of Hawk and his family (I felt that this was already implied because of the light being shown on him while he was sleeping, like he was being filmed). It then should have ended with Hawks family being murdered in a super 8 film with Baghoul in the background watching, and then the credits should have run.

I felt they missed the mark on this ending by having the stupid ghost children and Baghoul and having the daughter explain crap... They had the right idea but executed it poorly so an idiotic audience would get it. Ambiguity goes a long way...

I was happy however, Baghoul wasn't turned into a slasher. I really enjoyed the super 8 snuff films and I felt the murders were done in a really creepy way. Despite guessing the twist on who committed the murders, I felt it was still really creepy when we saw "the final cuts."

I know it sounds like I'm bashing it, but this is the best new horror film I've seen in years despite its flaws. The film oozes atmosphere, has a dread inducing sound track and just works on so many levels. I guess I'm knit picking because I felt this film was so good that I sensed studio intervention from a mile away and wish they'd take that crap out to make a perfect horror film.

The film wasn't afraid to be subtle but I feel a directors cut that involved even more subtlty would work to this films advantage.

I wrote this purposefully vague just in case wandering and curious eyes still scan the spoilers. You won't know what I'm talking about unless you've seen the film.

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