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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Agreed. But, again (whenever I praise Video Dead, I relate it directly to this film) I don't remember Night of the Creeps having any real atmosphere most of the time either. And people go nuts over that film. And I don't agree about the acting, at all. This cast was FUN. And, as something like John Carpenter's The Thing proves- people just need to like the cast.

But, I really like 976-Evil 2. So...

I liked 976-Evil 2 as well. You can also use the Ring as an example. Like I said I just thought the pacing and atmosphere could have been faster/darker. I did get that feeling earlier on when we first see the tv, movie, and first kill. Yet I felt the film lost it by later on.

I will give this film props for killing the male lead and his girlfriend. Also Zoe trying to deal with the insanity around her when the zombies return reminded me a lot of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I'd love to see Zombie Blood Nightmare though. When the lead zombie turns around... that was pretty damn scary.


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