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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
I loved the original short as a kid but Burton's been really mediocre for awhile now so I was hesitant to see this. It just felt like a bad idea all over. So maybe I set my expectations too low but I thought it was the best thing Burton's done since Ed Wood. It was everything Corpse Bride should have been and more. It was a little slow in the middle but picked things up for an all out ending. Plus the song "Strange Love" is a great little tune that's now constantly in my head.

I saw it in IMAX on Columbus Day the Monday after it opened and while there was a ton of people at the theater there was only four other people in the IMAX for Frankenweenie. It's clearly bombed and I think IMAX even dumped it for a last minute deal with Paramount to put in Paranormal Activity 4. That's the way it seems to work. Burton makes a great film and it doesn't make a nickle. I wonder if the bad word of mouth from Dark Shadows had any effect on people.
I agree with it probably being his best film since Ed Wood. It's too bad it's not doing well but I guess Hotel Transylvania is taking all its audience away. I would personally take stop motion over CG any day of the week. That and it stars Adam Sandler and has been getting terrible reviews. They should have released it at a different time as I'm sure Hotel Transylvania is a lot more attractive for kids then a black and white stop motion flick.
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