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Took a chance on this on Tuesday and really really liked it.

Sinister opens with a truly terrifying glimpse into the events that bring Ellison to the home, a static 8mm home movie that's unflinching take is grisly, haunting, and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Atmospheric and slow-burning, Sinister is a welcome return to real horror missing from well over the past decade where horror films have become watered down rehashes of nothing but jump scares. Scott Derrickson lets the actors sink into their roles by using longer takes that don't cut away, giving tension time to build, and letting things organically loosen up with scenes of expertly placed humour as well as real family drama. Ethan Hawke plays Ellison with a great amount of restraint, showing a family man caught up in his work who during his time of focus ignores those around him until he himself comes to a breaking point. Also, the film's sinister events effectively turn the found footage genre on it's head by correctly incorporating a frightening use for the genre: the 8mm home movies of the past victims, which are both beautifully haunting as well as genuinely terrifying. Sinister manages to actually get under your skin and disturb. It's not overly violent, it's not overly graphic, but it plays it's cards right and knows how to scare via true suspense. Sinister is a great new horror film that's worth checking out. Ignore the marketing as it's marketed incorrectly and just give it a shot. Plus, it's got Ulver and Sunn O))) on the soundtrack used to great effect as well as Christopher Young's brooding score.
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