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Originally Posted by cjg View Post
this is one bad movie. Filmed in Bulgaria with an Irish English cast trying to sound like their from West Virginia with a set that looks like its from a Ed Wood movie. Where the hell are the town people they cant all be at the Mountain Man Festival or what ever the fuck its called.Dont waist your money on this piece of shit.
Fucking "Bloodlines" is the sub-title of death!
I agree with everything but the first and last lines, a ton of potential was brought up in the opening minutes of this and never explored. Some actors are very bad and it's nowhere near as good as part 4. But, it's still a fun flick despite all it's flaws. It needed a more graphic last kill too, while that set-up was great, the cutaway felt cheap, like they ran out of effects $. But there's stuff in the making of that shows way more than the film did!?!

I didn't know they had backlots in Bulgaria!
I can now do my personal rankings of the series having seen them all.


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