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Originally Posted by cjg View Post
this is one bad movie. Filmed in Bulgaria with an Irish English cast trying to sound like their from West Virginia with a set that looks like its from a Ed Wood movie. Where the hell are the town people they cant all be at the Mountain Man Festival or what ever the fuck its called.Dont waist your money on this piece of shit.
Thank the Lord I read your review and thank you for saving me some bucks. This was not even worth the five dollar rental, I had read some good advance press about this being one of those killer b-movie slasher throwbacks to the eighties-what bullshit, even the lowest budget eighties film was never this bad.
Plywood sets, wooden acting, unlikeable characters, make-up jobs on the inbreds that looked like twenty buck Wal-Mart Halloween masks. This was just awful from start to finish. The town sets reminded me of the scrolling, repeating backgrounds in the old Scooby-Doo cartoons, either that or a cheesy seventies theme park like Frontier Town in upstate NY.
I loved the first with Dushku, the second with Rollins was pretty kick ass and the fourth quite watchable, but this was one of the worst films I've seen this year. Definitely my vote for biggest disappointment.
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