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Originally Posted by Stige View Post
just a quick question, are the subtitles on this release forced?
dual layer disc?
I just bought this. The subtitles can be turned off. The transfer is the same as the Happinet bd. It is a BD50, however it is region B locked. The 80 minute documentary "Reflections of the Dead" is awesome. It was filmed in the early nineties, and features a round table discussion with Romero, Streiner, Hardman and Russo. Later on, Hardman and Eastman go over photos taken from the film and then discuss the music. Finally, there is an interview with Judith O'Dea. There are also interviews from Hooper, Craven, Landis and more. The disc also contains the "One for the Fire" documentary. Bottom line, if you're region-free, this is the version to buy in my opinion (I have nine different blu-rays of this film).
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