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Isn't the Zellers at Cloverdale gone now? It looked like it. I went over to Dufferin Mall. Tomorrow I'll probably check the one on Queensway/Kipling.

I may have oversold the movies a bit. They're mostly 2000s flicks. There were some Afterdark, Ghosthouse, Dimension Extreme, MGM, some other label that I'm blanking on right now...there was a lot of other stuff that I wouldn't have minded picking up but the pile was too high. A few movies that I would have never bought if the price wasn't so low but I'd been meaning to rewatch.

Also there were a bunch of $4.99 movies as well. I picked up that Brad Pitt movie Cutting Class. I know nothing about it but I figured what the hell?

I know I got Mulberry Street, Scarecrows, Feast 2, Midnight Movie, Big Bad Wolf (yes, I really enjoy that movie!), Storm Warning, ...ah I'll post a list later on. Everything's downstairs at the moment.

Anyway there's lots of crappy movies that you may or may not enjoy for a really nice price at Zellers. There were also lots of 4 packs that I didn't really go through because I was already spending enough money, but I think it might be worth going to your local Zellers if there's one close by. There's like four big bins of movies to go through.
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