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Ted Kotcheff's WAKE IN FRIGHT (1971) from Drafthouse Films 1/15

Gritty and uncompromising, Ted Kotcheff's Ozploitation masterpiece WAKE IN FRIGHT (1971) receives its U.S. home video debut courtesy of Drafthouse Films. Big city schoolteacher John Grant is forced to accept an out-of-the-way post as condition for his loan. En route, he stops at a blue collar mining town, whose seedy denizens introduce him to drink and gambling, leading him deeper and deeper into a personal hell...

A hit at Cannes when it first premiered, faulty storage almost led to the film being lost save a few VHS masters. After a decade-long search, elements were finally turned up by the original editor and a lengthy restoration was undertaken. Almost unknown on our shores, its inclusion in the Aussie documentary NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD instantly made it a must-see, and now Drafthouse is more than happy to oblige!



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