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this is kind of hard. there are a few worthy contenders, and all for different reasons. 4 and 5 aren't my favorite films, but I do enjoy them, and the man in black mystery in part 5 is fairly compelling - but all that is ruined by The Curse of Michael Myers. For being the first film to really tank the franchise (after which it just wouldn't recover), this film is deserving. Of course, Ressurection is by far the most incompetent film on the list. It's so staggeringly, stupidly bad, that chosing it as the worst feels kind of like picking on a kid in a wheelchair - maybe we should be politely applauding Ressurection for being able to string a few coherent sentences together, rather than chastising it for failing to live up to films that are so much better they're practically in a different medium. Zombie's remake is certainly deserving of the title of worst. It's more insulting to the intelligence of the viewer than Ressurection because, as a remake, it's putting itself in direct comparison with the original. Of course, Zombie was somehow able to missunderstand one of the most fundamental reasons for why Michael is so scary in the original, which is that his actions are completely unmotivated and unexplained. The high technical quality of the remake only makes it worse, as it begins to feel like a deliberate betrayal of the original. My memory of the remake's sequel is that it was an unpleasant, masturbatory waste of film. However, having forgotten most of it, I can't quite bring myself to rekindle the exasperation I felt upon seeing it for the first time.

It really is so hard to choose. I think I'll have to go with part 6. Up until then, it was an entertaining series. Curse of Michael Myers ruined that. So for blowing all the potential the ending of part 5 left it with, it gets my pick for worst of the series.

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