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For me its really a tossup between Resurrection and the remake. Although, I can usually keep Resurrection on for at least 30 min. I remember I tried watching the remake again not too long ago, and I couldn’t make it passed the breakfast table seen. Its excruciating to watch. Never mind the “white trash” vulgarity;… even the genuine dialog between Mrs. Myers and Loomis or little Michel Myers is just painful to listen to. I don’t think there is a sincere sentence given in the whole movie. McDowell tries, but even with his acting ability, he just doesn’t have the aptitude to polish that turd of a script into something the least bit earnest. It would be like trying to start a fire with a bucket of water.

Its like the whole script was written by a high schooler that was angry at his parents and teachers.

Not only that, I think even the idea of dissecting Michael Myers’ childhood is without a doubt one of the worst ideas in the history of the franchise…its worse than Thorn, worse than H2O ignoring 4 films, and even worse than Dangertainment. I mean Resurrection at least had somewhat of an interesting idea, it just was executed rather poorly.

I also hated Danielle Harris’ character. I cannot believe she agreed to play that role. I thought she had better chops and respectability than to play one of the useless bimbos that are only cast to show her rack (or in Danielle’s case, lack-there-of) and then slaughtered. She means so much more to the franchise than to be brought down to that level. Disappointing to say the least.

Fuck it, now that I think about it, I’m just going with the remake. Other than the somewhat decent soundtrack and a couple pairs of tits, I just can’t think of a single redeeming factor that the remake has going for it. It’s just bottom of the barrel, pointless, meaningless drivel. It’s one of those movies, that I could give two-shits if I ever saw again. Terrible. Fuck you Rob Zombie.

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