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Somebody voted for part 1? I voted for Rob Zombie's H2. I almost voted for Resurrection, because it is awful and pointless, and Michael getting beat up by Busta Rhymes is so horribly, embarrassingly wrong. But I have to give that movie credit for the opening 15 minutes or so with Jamie Lee Curtis, which I thought was tense and very well-done, even if that whole sequence's purpose was just to reverse the ending of the last movie. And at least Michael Myers is still himself in that movie and not a stinky, bearded, no-mask-wearing white-trash hobo.

I almost think there should be separate options for the two versions of H6. I think the Producer's Cut is effective and creepy, but it ruins the story. The theatrical version is just weak. But I think Zombie's movies are the worst, especially H2 because he throws away everything that made the original story work and basically makes another Devil's Rejects movie.
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