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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
This one?

How is that? I hear it's the same master as the Network one but nobody's confirmed if it's missing the same amount of footage.
That's the one. It is the same transfer as the Network blu. Both are region B locked. I haven't watched either in their entirety, however I will try to this week. The Digibook (though in German) is awesome. The most positive thing that can be said about this transfer is it's not cropped. However, there are many frames missing and vertical lines run through the print throughout. For those that have seen the Happinet or Forgotten Films BD's, you'll wonder if this isn't an upscaled DVD. Lastly, the extras are bizarre. The "Making of" documentary is about the 1990 remake (which is on the old Sony DVD). The "Fan of the Dead" doc can be found on many other bd's as well as YouTube. The only exclusive to this disc is the German trailer. Still a decent buy though for fans, and is apparently "limited."
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