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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
H2. Zombie's vulgar redneck dialog, his wife and a white horse in it for no god damn reason, possibly the most annoying and obnoxious lead ever, no Halloween theme, Loomis is an out of character prick, and Michael Myers is just being a bearded hobo barely even wearing the mask. I wish the opening
wasn't just a dream and killed off Laurie
so we could at least follow a character we didn't completely despise.

Resurrection is bad but at least it keeps the theme song and Myers look and feels like a Halloween film.
I can agree that Zombie's H2 is pretty terrible, but I couldn't vote for it because I firmly believe it was Zombie's full intention to 'ruin it' so to say... From what I've pieced together, and this could just be my own home-grown conspiracy theory, is that he agreed to direct the sequel even though he'd stated he never wanted to do a sequel after he made the first film (I know I've read these statements somewhere, or seen video of him stating this before H2 was even in the works, I just can't remember where...) and only wanted it as a one-off. And so under studio pressure I'm assuming he was forced to either direct the sequel or they'd get someone else to direct it, and so I speculate he chose to intentionally tank it to end the new franchise from continuing as those were never his intentions from making the first re-imagining. So in my opinion Zombie did a job well done on H2 if those were his intentions, but again those are just my own rumours. On a plus note though, H2's cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.
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