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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
I love Wolfen, and it's one of my wife's favorites too.
I don't know why though but with the heavy Native American angle, stellar cast and dramatic quality I always think of it as more than a mere werewolf film.
I always came away feeling that the beasts were obviously the incarnation of Native American spirits defending against further urbanization and encroachment, as such, more than random lycanthrope killing machines.
i think you're absolutely right. i had the exact opposite reaction, though. to me, that change made it less than a werewolf film. Perhaps my expectations of an awesome werewolf movie led to my disappointment, but when i watched it again a year ago or so (after picking up the same set Rhett mentioned, with Coma, Bad Moon, and Ferarra's Body Snatchers), my opinion didn't change all that much. I enjoyed it a lot more than the first time, but it still didn't stick with me that much. you're quite right about the quality cast, though. the production level on the film is quite high for the material. i just never found the story to be at all compelling.
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