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Originally Posted by zbinks View Post
Out of curiosity, do the "Network print" Blu-Rays offer any sort of A/V benefits over simply watching the Elite Millenium Edition DVD upscaled or is that DVD still the way to go as far as getting NOTLD in Full-Frame OAR? As far as I'm aware, the Elite DVD was sourced from the same elements as the "Dimension transfer" Blu-Rays and DVDs, but from an older, SD transfer that had none of the windowboxing inherent to that transfer.
I'm not sure which print the folks at Dimension used. They did an amazing job, it's just a shame that it was cropped as much as it was. I would have to say that the Elite Millenium is the better of the two when compared with the Network/German BD's. The Forgotten Films BD and the BD's featuring the Dimension transer are just absolutely breathtaking visually. I do still watch my Elite Millenium DVD every so often. The reason why I own so many versions of this film is because trying to find the perfect transfer is my holy grail search.
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