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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
I agree, those two scenes are both pretty effective, but a great Halloween film it is not. I am not a Zombie hater and think he is a talented Director (Though horrible horrible writer!) but in my opinion he butchered the Halloween films. The origin ruined everything Myers represents, the lack of the famous score, turing Loomis into a prick, making Laurie an annoying character that you want to die instead of root for, Myers as a hobo, ect. He should have just created his own character and it might have been a little easy to accept what he did to the franchise. I think it might have worked well as a character that switches masks or something.

But don't you see? The RZ remakes have the most terrible characters ever, and it has a background with this child growing up in a terrible home, yet he is still nonredeemable. Doesn't matter how many shitty people come his way, he's pure evil with no redeeming factors.

Not saying it's a good film at all. But it does have a strong point to make.
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