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Yeah I can post screen caps tomorrow, unless someone else beats me to it. I watched the “Making of Gator Bait” featurette, which is actually just a Q&A with Beverly and Ferd, but in it they state the transfer was taken directly from Paramount’s vaults. So its my thinking that it was shot for Full Screen seeing as it was made for Paramount Home Video?….but I was always under the impression Gator Bait was shown in theaters as I have a theatrical one sheet and IMDB states it was shot in 1.85 : 1? Not sure how accurate that is though? I really wish they would have elaborated more on the transfer. But yeah…other than the artifacting, I thought the transfer looked pretty good.

I also noticed on the cover, someone with lousy Photoshop skills tried enhancing Claudia Jennings bust size…there’s a faint “shadow mark” under the right breast that looks obviously fake and so obviously out of place. I have two Gator Bait video posters and that line doesn’t exist on either of them…believe me I know every single line and crevice on that image. As a kid, I used to just stare for minutes on end at the VHS cover during every trip to the video store.
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