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Full Moon DVDs at Dollar General

Anyone else seeing this trend? I have not only seen this at a local Dollar General store, but others have well. It seems they have turned into dumping grounds for Full Moon DVDs and I'm loving it! They have the typical Echo Bridge Full Moon sets, but they also have legit Full Moon releases. In the past, I've picked up the Puppet Master 1 and Subspecies blu-rays for $10 each. Today I noticed they have a lot of 3 movie boxsets like the Demonic Toys set, Trancers 1 - 3, Subspecies 1 - 3, a Vampire set (Vampire Journals, Decadent Evil 2 and Vampire Resurrection), a zombie set (Dead Want Women, Dead Hate the Living and another one I can't remember), Puppet Master collections (one has 1 - 3, other has 5 - 7 (?)), etc... all for $10!!! Not too shabby I do say. It's nice to see Full Moon titles back in stores and at a cheap price. My 13 year old loves Full Moon and he's having a field day with these sets.
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