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Originally Posted by horror addict View Post
I'm going with Deader as the worst. I've always liked Kari Wuhrer, but that movie just bored the shit out of me.
If only I'd been bored. I was too busy bashing my head against the wall because it was so painfully awful. Every second. Making my brain actually react to everything bad about it, instead of Hellworld, where I was allowed to just watch light stupidity. And at least that movie looked good. After the opening scene at a funeral, it was all uphill. Though... extremely slowly.

Originally Posted by horror addict View Post
Then again, I really like Bloodline, so what do I know?
Well, I'm tempted to say you know a lot. But I won't, because you think Hellbound is the best film and that thing was so terrible, I started hating the 80's. Thankfully, I just saw Bud the Chud last week so now I have a reason to like the 80's again. (I'm deadly serious; when I think about everything that was genuinely artificial, overproduced, and soul-crushing about that sickeningly conservative decade, this film will stand to me as one of the leading symbols of that. Yet- not as a sobering reaction to it, but as a product of it.)

However, Bloodline is just harmless. And so whacked, that it's legitimately entertaining to watch how wrong that film goes. I said it before: it's as though they were taking inspiration from the Power Rangers. The Cenobites wanted to conquer Earth. It was cute.

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