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Killjoy Goes to Hell

Anyone else watch this? I've heard some pretty positive reviews about this, so I decided to watch the entire series this past week. The first one was meh, the second was horrible. The third film was a surprise and took the series into much better territory, especially giving the character 3 sidekicks. So I was eager to see this new film and I thought it was a fun great movie. The storyline was quite unique, can't say I have see anything like it. Killjoy is on trial in Hell for not being evil enough. LOL

The movie was a full 90 minutes. I don't recall any other modern Full Moon movie at that length and it wasn't filler either. I must say, I'm a fan of the character now. I doubt I'll buy the first two, but I will buy 3 and 4 when they hit blu-ray.

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