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Thumbs down

1) This will be, reverse spoiler for those who haven't read it, nothing like the book. Just a stolen title (quite like the above-mentioned Quantum of Solace [though, that was just a short story and not a full novel]).

Strike one!

2) Call me a purist or whatever but I'm not, nor have I ever been, a fan of fast zombies. Makes movies feel more action-y, and less horror-y.

Strike two!

3) Brad Pitt. I've really become a fan of his lately. Watched the Fincher/Pitt triple-feature last weekend. The dude's nowhere near as bad an actor as some would have you believe.

Low and outside...ball one! (Gotcha! )

4) The CG zombies were God-awful!!! Were those effects made 10 years ago?!?! Looked to me like the "Burly Brawl" from Matrix Reloaded, and we all know how, I mean bad that was.

Strike three! YERRRR OUT!!!!

So i had my hopes up for this movie, being a fan of not only the book but the excellent audiobook as well. Then I had my hopes dashed in just two short minutes. Silver lining: Thanks for saving me 10 bucks on a movie ticket!
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