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Apparently determined to make all horror fans poor, Shout's Scream Factory line continues with Renny Harlin's PRISON (1988)! Thirty years after a wrongful electrocution, budget cuts force Wyoming State Penitentiary to reopen its doors. Breaching the sealed execution chamber, the new inmates release a vengeful, bloodthirsty force and before you know it, population is down due to reanimated barbed-wire antics, possessed pipe impalements, prisoner flambé and more. A pre-stardom Viggo Mortensen appears as a car thief with a mysterious past who potentially knows the connection between this haunted jailhouse and its former warden, and may have a few secrets of his own. One of Empire's best films, PRISON remains a serious, atmospheric, and gruesome time, stylishly directed by Harlin right before he stepped things up with DIE HARD 2. Labeled a Collector's Edition by the company, I imagine this'll have a full slate of supplements. Deservedly so.



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