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Originally Posted by othervoice1 View Post
The main attraction of the 40th Anniversary Edition is the brand new, 83-minute documentary that covers the film from beginning to end. The documentary opens in black & white as an SUV drives through a cemetery. The film switches to color as Streiner and O'Dea visit the same grave where they placed a wreath forty years earlier. The documentary features comments from almost all the surviving cast members including Eastman, Hardman (who just passed away recently), Schon, Hinzman, George Kosana (Sheriff McClelland) Bill Cardille (reporter who played himself), and Ella Mae Smith who played a zombie, along with Romero, Russo, and others in the crew."

Anyone own both the millennium and 40th anniversary dvds and know if one is better then the other in picture quality and sound?
Yes, I have both DVD's. The Elite Millenium DVD has an excellent transfer and isn't cropped. The 40th Anniversary DVD has a much more cleaned up transfer, but it's cropped. The 40th Anniversary is the transfer used for the Japanese and French Blu-ray's, just now in glorious 1080p. I'd be lying to you if I said that the jump from the DVD to the Blu-ray was negligible. The blu-ray's are jaw-dropping gorgeous. As far as sound, I'm far from an audiophile, so I'm not really the person to give a proper answer here.

The documentary you speak of is called "One for the Fire." It is in 1080p on the Japanese and French blu-rays.
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