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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
I'm tempted by the French and German Digibook. Mostly to have both transfers and the odd fact that I have the remake on Blu-ray but not DVD so the 90's Making Of would suit me fine.
Just be advised that you need to be region-free. Also, be aware that the difference in picture quality between the German Digibook/Network blu-ray and the French/Happinet blu-ray are night and day. I can guarantee that you will only watch the French/Happinet blu-ray once you see it. I just bought my tenth version of this film on blu-ray. It is from Austria (NSM Records) and is region-B locked. The cool thing about it is it's limited to only 131. So there are only 130 left in the world now. It indicates that there is a "hidden feature." I'm more than curious as to what it is.
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