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Originally Posted by othervoice1 View Post
So basically the Japan and French blu-rays are the best - Japan's is region A so will play on U.S. players correct? The French release is region locked but has better extras? - Im tempted but I hate to plop down 50 bucks for the Japan release when I can get the dvd for 5.00 <: ho hum - still deciding...
You are correct. I was using my PS3 to play my Japanese Happinet blu-ray (movie and extras) before I picked up a region-free player. The french blu-ray has the same transfer, as well as both documentaries ("One for the Fire and "Reflections of the Dead"), however it is region-B locked. My advice is to pick up the Elite Millenium DVD while it's still cheap, and wait until there is a sale on the Japanese Happinet blu-ray again. Hope this helps.
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