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Well to me the Forgotten Films version would have been the best if it was not missing the 30+ seconds, I fixed my version but that does not help the rest of you, but the Happinet is nice, but from all I have read the 2 best versions are still slightly cropped on the sides, the Happinet and FF, so my Friends and I are going to try something with this movie and we really hope it works, we are confident it will, I have several different versions of this film on BD, but this is where I need help, which BD has the best image quality but no cropping on the sides? what we plan on doing is matching the 2 up and taking the missing image and putting it onto either the FF or Happinet to make the best damn possible version, we are also planning on for fun taking the color info from the colorized version and making an HD 1080p color version lol we are not sure how this will work but again we are confident we can make this work, who knows until you try right?

Thanks for any and all help.
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