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Originally Posted by vidjunkie View Post
The new German Limited Book is this a non cropped version? the biggest thing I need is to have all frames present on the BD, we need to match them up to get what we need to make the ultimate video.


ps. all Network video's are un cropped? if so is there a list of all the "Network" releases?
I'm fairly certain the German limited BD is the same transfer as the Network BD. Of the ten versions of this film that I own, only those two have that print. All the others are the Dimension/FF transfers. Problem with the Network transfer is whoever handled it removed all of the damaged frames causing "jumps" throughout the entire film. It also features vertical lines running through the print. At no point do you feel that this is a high definition transfer of the film. I'd be happy to email you comparison pictures later this evening (cell phone pictures).
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