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Buck man, the show is nothing how it once was…it actually has soul; a purpose; an identity. It doesn’t feel like a group of hack actors just going through the motions anymore. The show is easily the best drama on TV. Each episode of this season, almost feels like a season finale to the point where you actually feel exhausted after watching it. And it's mostly character driven, not big explosions or massive amounts of action sequences. Not only that, the intertwining of comic book events with original made-for-TV events is done brilliantly. I recommend you start watching again.

Originally Posted by Mok View Post
Do you guys watch Walking Dead? It's rife with CGI, but I like it actually.
The CG in The Walking Dead TV show, while noticeable at times, isn’t laughably noticeable. They use camera tricks, practical effects, and other concealing maneuvers to better hide the fact that CG had to be used for not only timing reasons, but as well as budgetary reasons.

With a budget of $175 million (probably a good portion of the budget going directly towards Pitt) and months of extra shooting, I think it’s fair to expect something a little better looking than what was shown in that trailer.

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