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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
Where is the CGI that you guys are belly-aching over?
I'll bite.

There are three distinctly bad CG shots in that trailer:

1:19) When the horde of zombies is climbing over the bus. They look more like a literal wave than a figurative one.

1:55) The zombies coming down the stairs/alleyway. Again, it looks closer to what one would see after a dam had been blown out than a mass of solid beings.

2:10) The zombies climbing over eachother to get over the wall. Arguably, the worst offender.

In all three of these blatantly CGI shots, none of the creatures appear to have a skeleton to speak of. I can't stress enough how much each of the three shots I pointed out look too fluid; like, "zombie-shaped water is chasing people" instead of "recently-deceased people are chasing people." (I hope that makes sense.) I'd say "Maybe it's just me...," but clearly it isn't. Others have stated how bad it looks, so I know I'm not alone in how I feel. I just hope I've clearly articulated the "why".
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