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Originally Posted by Number Six View Post
I'll bite.

There are three distinctly bad CG shots in that trailer:

1:19) When the horde of zombies is climbing over the bus. They look more like a literal wave than a figurative one.

1:55) The zombies coming down the stairs/alleyway. Again, it looks closer to what one would see after a dam had been blown out than a mass of solid beings.

2:10) The zombies climbing over eachother to get over the wall. Arguably, the worst offender.

In all three of these blatantly CGI shots, none of the creatures appear to have a skeleton to speak of. I can't stress enough how much each of the three shots I pointed out look too fluid; like, "zombie-shaped water is chasing people" instead of "recently-deceased people are chasing people." (I hope that makes sense.) I'd say "Maybe it's just me...," but clearly it isn't. Others have stated how bad it looks, so I know I'm not alone in how I feel. I just hope I've clearly articulated the "why".
Yeah I get that. But I think it's an obvious artistic choice. Something similar to what you see in the Left 4 Dead video games after you get puked on. It's plays off the unescapable mass like the blob only this is more like a swarm of insects. I guess I find that the zombie thing has been covered extensively enough that I don't mind a different take on it, and I don't think it looks as bad as some peeps are finding it. Also, it's cool to see the city from the beginning getting trashed. Far too often we only get the aftermath shot of a destroyed city.

Just watch it one more time, please:
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