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I'll probably check this out when it hits Blu but I'm definitely not excited to see it in theatres anymore. The CGI zombies look terrible, like a swarm of bugs. Reminds me of the mess that the zombie/ vampires were in I Am Legend where they weren't scary at all because they just looked like video game characters. Why can't modern films just get a great make up effects artist to do up a crap load of extras up and have them be the zombies? It would make them a hell of a lot scarier, and the scenes would be a lot more effective. I Am Legend was originally going to be people in make up, what a shame as they looked much better. The Thing remake, same thing, bad CGI ruined what could have been great effects scenes. And I Agree with what others are saying, if I didn't know this was a movie about a zombie outbreak I never would have guessed.
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