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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
They could always go back and improve upon the effects like they did in the new blu ray masters of Star Trek,
It sounds like that is what they are doing. I'm fine with that as long as the differences aren't too noticeable. I would love for them to do what they did with the original Star Trek series and include both versions for completists sake. Don't know why they didn't do that with Next Generation sets, even if the effects shots were just upscales it would be better then nothing.

Either way I will be all over this set. I already have the very nice complete series DVD set but will pick these up in a heart beat, as this is my favourite show of all time. I just hope, although very unlikely that they release them all together as a complete set. I don't want it to take years for the full series to get released and I hate buying completed shows one season at a time.
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