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I just finished watching this. The blu-ray is great. They did a nice job in restoring the original documentary. The DVD is a mixed bag. There are some pleasent suprises, such as Judy O'Dea, Lori Cardille, Greg Nicotero and Tom Savini among many others. Frumkes is on the set for Land, Diary & Survival. Then there is needless footage of the classic "Night of the Giving Head." It's safe to say this isn't a documentary that you will want the kids around when you're watching it. The addition of Romero's daughter was the best part of the new addition. To sum it up, it's hard to sell something as the definate version when you need to obtain the Arrow Dawn Blu-ray since this new DVD doesn't have the Lost Interview. The Arrow Dawn Blu-ray also has deleted scenes which were placed within this new updated interview. Bottom line, you need both.
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